How does one prepare for flight school?

One of the more interesting parts of an already interesting aviation industry is flying a plane. However, Scott Beale notes that going through flight school isn’t simple or easy. Like many worthy endeavors in life, one has to put in a lot of work and dedication to earn his wings.

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Here are a few things aspiring pilots need to prepare for before heading to flight school.


Flight school doesn’t come cheap. It’s like going to college. And without enough savings, aspiring pilots may need to pull out a loan just to pay for the training expenses.


A huge number of people who enter flight school have something else going on in their lives. Many of them have jobs. Before entering flight school, aspiring pilots need to check and re-check if they have time to do everything they need to do and go to flight school.


There are hundreds of flight schools all over the country. Aspiring pilots should choose one that’s reputable and accessible, and has the proper accreditation.

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Not all flight instructors are the same. Some are stricter, while others are more easygoing. Aspiring pilots should choose their instructors according to their own preferences and under which type of mentor they think they will have a better chance of learning and absorbing information.

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Some important tips for student pilots

Learning how to fly a plane is surely one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have in your lifetime, however initially daunting it may be and despite the many concepts and practical knowledge to master. Hereunder are some key tips to boost your confidence from behind the cockpit and get you that coveted student pilot license, courtesy of aviation professional Scott Beale.

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First, immerse yourself in everything related to aviation. Hang out at the airport and talk to pilots, tower controllers, and aircraft mechanics. Listen intently to their advice. Also, make it a habit to listen to tower frequencies whenever you are flight-planning.

Remember that even without your intervention, the plane will fly. When you’re with your instructor high in the clouds, try relaxing and letting everything go whenever you find yourself too eager to jerk the controls to fly level and straight. Notice, too, that during flight, the view gets smaller when you pull back and bigger when you push forward.

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Always carry sic-sacs with you. Even if you haven’t had an episode of vomiting in previous flights, this doesn’t mean you won’t encounter such stomach-churning moments. Make sure there’s plenty of it for both you and your passengers.

It may sound trivial, but we suggest watching movies like Airplane and Top Gun over and over. The idea is to be able to answer flight questions posed there and complete any technical quotes. Learn to discern which lines are just movie myths and which ones are actual aviation truths. Finally, don’t feel down if you’re having a series of rough landings. Every seasoned pilot knows that he or she will not land perfectly each time, adds Scott Beale.

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